Interested in building your online Etsy store? You have come to the right place! Use our tips and learn how to sell on Etsy! Etsy is an online platform which allows artists and crafters to sell their unique handmade products. However, most artists and crafters have only heard of Etsy, but are not sure how to sell or use this marketplace. Selling successfully on Etsy requires knowledge and experience. However, with our helpful tips, you will learn how to build your own online shop from scratch and start successfully sell your crafts!

5 Tips to Build Your Shop and Start Selling on Etsy

There are five crucial things that every new Etsy seller should use in order to become a successful seller. These five things are photos, tags, prices, descriptions, and promotions. Once you will learn these secrets you will manage to put them into practice. After this, you will experience a huge increase in traffic and in sales as well.

  • Photos – Are your photographs on Etsy good enough? Take a look at the Etsy’s front page and see all those clear, crisp, professional looking, and vibrant eye-catching photos. The difference between the successful Etsy sellers and the others are the quality of the photos. Invest some time and money until your photos are good enough to add them on Etsy.
  • Tags – Tagging means adding keywords that customers type when searching for a certain product or brand name. You get 14 tags on Etsy, so make sure to use them all. It will be easier for your customers to find your Etsy shop.
  • Price – If you price too low, your potential buyers may think that your products are cheap. If you price too high, your potential buyers may think your products are overpriced. Keep balance and keep the price real and reasonable.
  • Descriptions – You need to add information and details about the products you are selling. You need to include information about their color, size, shape, dimensions, and etc.
  • Promotions – In order for your Etsy shop to grow – you need to invest in promotion. You need to create a brand and to do that you need a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Account. Promoting your business will increase your traffic and your sales as well.

Work on these 5 aspects of building your Etsy shop from scratch and you will experience incredible results!    

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