What could you possibly sell on Etsy? Check these 10 crafts to make and sell on Etsy! Get an inspiration and start selling today! If you are looking for an additional way to earn some money, look no further as Etsy is all you need! It is an online platform that allows you to sell your handmade crafts and products! So, if you are a crafter and you want to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your own home – open an online Etsy shop now! Registering an account on Etsy is very easy and simple. However, deciding what you are going to sell is the challenging part. For that reason, we’ve decided to come up with a few ideas that can inspire you and motivate you to start!

Top 9 Creative Things to Make and Sell on Etsy

Here are 9 creative crafts you can make and sell on Etsy:

  1. Bath Bombs – Who doesn’t want a bath bomb that smells delicious? The bath bombs are highly popular these days and they are so easy to make.
  2. Sunglasses Bag – There is no need to spend money on expensive sunglasses bags anymore when they can buy one on Etsy! Creating a sunglasses bag is extremely easy – all you need is style and creativity, and materials of course!
  3. Yarn Ball Bookmarks – What an incredible idea? The yarn ball bookmarks are simple and you can make one in no time. Make them in different colors.
  4. Wine Cork Key Chains – Now you can use the wine corks you’ve been saving and make cool key chains! It is simple, easy, and almost free!
  5. Homemade Jar Candles – If you have more free time and you want to bring your creativity to another level – start making homemade jar candles!
  6. Hot Handle Holder – Why using special towels or hot handles when you can make a hot handle holder and hold the hot pot without a problem!
  7. DUY Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish – All you need are nail polishes and mugs and you can start creating your own designs!
  8. Comic Book Magnets – We are sure that there are a lot of comic book fans out there who would buy these comic book magnets!
  9. Sea Shell Mirror – Get simple and one-colored mirrors and add sea shells on them! The end result – fascinating!

So, are you inspired enough to start selling on Etsy now? Good luck and don’t forget – creativity sells! Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: Selling accessories on etsy: top 5 tips to use